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The concept of TOEIC certificates
TOEIC is an abbreviation of Test of English for International Communication, the test evaluates the learners’ ability in communication and in international working environment. Thousands of companies, education organizations and many countries in the world use this test to assess English ability of candidates for recruitment and promotion. There is no concept of pass and fail in TOEIC. The result is calculated based on the scale of 0-990. The result expresses English fluency of students.

TOEIC Preparation

The TOEIC preparation programs of Viet My Center are drafted carefully for aiming to provide complete knowledge for students to participate in TOEIC and to achieve the optimal results. With that purpose, the course is designed by concentrating on strategies and exam skill training through ‘trial tests’ beside improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and business English skills of students.  

Currently, Viet My English use syllabus and books close to TOEIC program, students that follow these courses will achieve their required results.