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English for teenagers

Overcoming limitations of English programs at popular schools, the learners are taught to develop totally 4 skills, especially speaking and listening skills, the weakest points of Vietnamese students. The programs are designed according to the international standards so at the end of the courses, students can easily pass exams to pursue international certificates organized by Cambridge University, UK.  

The programs not only provide lively classes for the students but also help them to understand the lesson right away at the class. The students are guided to do a lot of exercises and practice in the class and they can save time at home spending in reviewing the lesson.

The classes are designed by applying practical methods learned from books and newspapers, dramas, presentation, group discussion or practical exercises from visual aids. These classes contribute to training and improving presentation and communication skills of students.

The evaluation of students’ progress is implemented totally throughout the learning process based on the results of learning activities’ participation, projects, midterm and final tests.