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Regulations for teachers

Regulations for teachers

1. Punctuality and schedule:

Teachers have to be punctual. If teachers want to be off or change their schedule, they have to inform academic staff 24 hours in advance. Teachers are not allowed to change their schedule or ask others to arbitrarily substitute. Teachers can ask to be off or change their schedule a maximum of twice a course.

Teachers are supposed to complete their timesheet before the 12th and the 27th of each month. Teachers will be paid in the following pay period if they submit the timesheet late or won’t be paid if they don’t submit it.

2. Lesson plan:

Teachers have to prepare their lessons carefully (apply technology at least twice a course) and use other teaching aids to make their classes interesting. Teachers must teach what was planned and accepted by the school. Lessons containing religious or political content must not be taught and any materials with such content must not be distributed.

3. Costumes

Male: shirt, tie, trousers, shoes and VMG badge.

Female: ao dai or shirts /blouses and trousers/ knee-length skirts, dresses, shoes and VMG badge.

4. Manner:

Teachers have to abide all the rules and procedures, be responsible for their students’ education, well behaved and respectful to everyone.

5. Properties preservation:

Teachers sign their names when receiving teaching materials and teaching aids from Academic staff and return them within 3 days after the course has finished. If teaching materials and teaching aids are used for just one class, teachers have to return them right after the class has finished and compensate for any loss.

Teachers are responsible for the equipment in class during their teaching hours.

6. Extra-curricular activities

Teachers are supposed to attend meetings, workshops and extra-curricular activities held by the school. Each time will be paid as 2 teaching hours.