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Regulations for students

1. Payment information

1.1 Students are required to pay all fees when enrolling. In case of late admission, they will be given some make-up classes by Vietnamese teachers.

- One-week delay = one make-up class

- Two-week delay = two make-up classes

- Three-week delay = three make-up classes

- Four-week delay = four make-up classes

Old learners can make later payments of the tuition fees within 2 weeks or they will not be allowed to be in class.

1.2 The fees vary according to the courses and will be informed when enrolling or starting a new course.

1.3 The fees will be paid in VND.

2. Refund

2.1 The fees can be refundable before the first week of classes and the refund percentage is 80%. After the first day of classes, they cannot be refunded for any reason.

2.2 The fees will be 100% refundable after two months if there are no desired classes as registered.

2.3 Procedures for fee reimbursement

a. Notify VMG in time through SMS, email, or phone, which is confirmed by VMG staff.

b. Directly come to VMG to complete a fee refund form

c. Submit receipts to the academic consultancy staff 

d. Read the information carefully and sign the fee refund form

3. Fee transfer

3.1 The student who wants a fee transfer is required to inform VMG at least one week before the first day of classes.

3.2 Students can transfer 100% of tuition fees to those who have the same level or blood relations. For those who are not at the same levels, they have to pay cost differences.

3.3 Fee transfer procedures

a. Complete the fee transfer form

b. Documents of blood relations

c. Receipts

4. Fee retained

4.1 For any reason, students who cannot attend classes as registered can have fee retained. This has to be done about 4 weeks after the first day of classes. The period of time for fee retained is at least 6 months.

4.2 Fee retaining procedures

a. Notify VMG through SMS, email, or phone, which is confirmed by VMG staff

b. Directly come to VMG to complete the fee retaining form 

5. Student assessment

5.1 Students’ results will be assessed during the course (including midterm and final test results; bonuses for participation and homework)

5.2 Students who are absent more than 6 days a course will not  be assessed.

a. Students have to retake the course and pay 70% of tuition fees if they are absent from class too much in a course

b. Hard-working but weak students can be allowed to retake a free course.

c. If students ask for permission to be absent from class, they can have 2 more days off. If they continue cutting class, they will not be allowed to take the final exam, have to retake that course and pay 70% of tuition fees

6. School regulations

6.1 To avoid distraction in the class, students should restrict the use of mobile phone in class. They should be well-dressed and are expected to have due respect for their teachers, classmates and VMG staff. They are not allowed to drink beer or wine before class. They must not tease or fight each other.

6.2 Students must not bring any weapons, explosives, or harmful devices to school. They should not commit any act against school security, nor should they cause any harm to other students, school property or school image. They should be responsible for keeping their own belongings. No writing or painting is allowed on the tables or walls.

6.3 Students can access know more information about VMG, classes, teachers as well as midterm and final test results.

6.4 VMG has the right to expel the students who use their mobile phones too much in class; are not eager to take part in activities; cheat in the exams; or have bad behavior to teachers, staff or other students at VMG.


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